Damn that GoPro!


GoPro’s are the coolest thing ever! Check out this sick video of a bunch of shots from people.



Here is the Plan

Much of you might wonder what I do. What I’m going to school for. What kind of lifestyle I want to live. What I want to accomplish in my life. I think I can sum it up in one word. Humanitarian. I want to help people and teach children around the world about me, and learn about them. I think that’s something pretty important what we can do for third world countries.

Teach them about us, and learn about them. Of course with lots of hands to help after tsunamis, and other earthly disasters… I think connecting with people from around the world shows human spirit so much more amazing. 

I’m going to school for Musical Theatre. I will be taught ballet and other dances. Why is this going to help me be a humanitarian? Teaching. I will teach english and what I’ve learnt in school to children. Maybe I’ll be an Au Pair for a little bit. Teaching culture was always something that interested me. And learning about it! Oh boy, oh boy! 

After my South America trip my friend and I are planning in 2016… I hope to get a job on the Disney Cruise Line. With big green eyes like mine, I can get a princess role. I’d get to travel so much! And little girls would look up to me as a role model! And the truth is, I’m not on this ship for the cool job… All I want to do is see places! 

So there you go. I plan to have an amazing life. I won’t settle for anything less. I want to change lives. And I want to help people. That’s me. How about you? 

Free Lolita

Lolita is a 20 foot long, 7000 lb. orca who has “lived” at the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years now. She belongs to the “L” pod of the Southern Resident orca community in the pacific north west. On August 8th 1970 Lolita was caught in Penn Cove, Pudget Sound, WA. 

Right now Lolita is being a Slave to Entertainment in the small pool the trainers call her “home”. Lolita’s family of orcas spend most of there time in Washingtons Pudget Sound and British Columbia waters. Lolita remains healthy and would do well back in her home waters. 


If you would like to learn more please watch Lolita: Slave to Entertainment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaPmkL4kN48

Please sign my petition and lets try to send Lolita back home. Sign below! 


Thank-you everyone. I love how my travel related blog posts have attracted all kinds of people from around the world and now you are following me! Stay tuned for some more good reads about travel and an exciting life I am planning for myself! Thanks for signing! Let’s bring Lolita back home! 

Children and the World


Have you guys ever thought about raising your children on a sailboat or a different country so that they would grow up embracing as many amazing cultures there is and appreciating all the beautiful places there are in the world? I’m Canadian and I love to travel. I am always so grateful for being a Canadian too. So have you ever thought raising them in a different country after a few years at home (say Canada, for me) they would appreciate living in a different place every couple years?

I find so many children growing up don’t realize whats going on around the world, and to me — I would want my kids to know what is happening in the world they live in.

So many children growing up in North America… ( And other countries/continents too… ) are being brought into our world with the wrong idea of what life really should be about. So what do you guys think?

We are Canadians… Not Fictional Characters


Ah, I dread the every week email reminding me to post my weekly goal. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and writing, but I dread getting the reminder because I have nothing to write about. Believe had I even had a remotely good idea I wouldn’t have to read “Kelsey, it’s time to write your weekly post!”. Alright WordPress. I’ll write it but you give me an idea first.

But here I am… halfway through the week and I am ready to make you laugh!

Even though college in California didn’t work out, the time that I spent there with the family who rented the room for me did and said some strange things… It was still worth being there the time I was and witnessing this stupidity…

When we got my first weeks groceries the lady I was staying with put my Lucky Charms in the fridge. NO.

Then she put my bread in the fridge. WHY?

Then I was upstairs in my room trying to figure out how my side lamp worked… She came in and asked if I needed any help. Sure. After she helped me turn it on she proceeded with more stupidity. “All of Canada has electricity right?” … Fucking no comment.

At school I was asked… “You must have been really glad when they finally started allowing strawberries up there, huh?” Yes. Before the advent of strawberries, all I could do was suck on ice cubes and DREAM.

Then once there was a girl who thought it was totally cool we lived in igloos and rode polar bears to school and work.

And then there’s those Americans that think Canada is a state… But if it’s a state.. even then it must be pretty fucking small… Because for the 3rd time I’ve been asked…

“Do you know Pete?”
“Oh, he’s really friendly.”
Oh yeah! Friendly Canadian Pete. Yeah, he’s awesome. He died, by the way.

Go Team Canada!



All These Beautiful Cultures

Hey guys! After many hours pinning to a new board on pinterest… named “Culture”. I wanted to share some of the very popular ones that kept getting repinned by others. What do you think of them? Comment below to tell me which ones you like and why!


Woman washing her hands.


Thai dancers.


Woman throwing Marrakech dyes in India at the Holi Festival.


Insane Henna.


Geisha’s in Japan.


Xhosa Bride. Lesedi Cultural Village, Gauteng, South Africa.

Beautiful pictures eh? Well tell me what you guys think! 

Let Her Go


They called her wanderer because she’d often go exploring and her mind was never in one place. If you wanted some place with no city sounds and no bright city lights she’d take you there. “Let’s go!” She would say. 

They’d call her crazy. She’d live in a dream world made up entirely of her own adventures. She could never be the girl to sit in an office all day and sort through papers. She craved adventure and only wanted to see more and learn more about every culture. “I want to run away” She’d say. 

She didn’t listen. Of course she didn’t. You expected her to? Her dad would say “It’s time to grow up already!” She tried, but it got to a point where… It seemed she never would grow up because her dream world never went away and she kept going there. So she didn’t listen anymore. “I can’t hear you anymore.” She would say. 

They called her make believe. She had golden un kept hair from the sun and bright green eyes. Her skin was illuminated by the sun and when she turned to the light in the sunset her silhouette seemed fake. “I’m real” she would say. 

They’d call her blind. She would imagine herself learning about different cultures and people. She didn’t understand. This is what she thought life was about. “But still I cannot see, if the blind one is me… How can there be so much that you don’t know?” She would say. 

They called her trapped. They would keep her hidden and away from the world. “Let me go” She would say. 


If there are mothers out there reading this, and if you ladies have daughters like the one in this story, know that they are very special girls and all they want is your blessing to travel. Don’t hold them down if they don’t want to go to college. Don’t hold them back if they want a career in something you don’t approve. Let them go. 

In Love with a Guy that Travels


He sees the world differently. He’s the guy everyone gets along with and everyone loves because he’s that guy. There’s no explaining him. There’s no explaining it, he’s just that guy.

He’s the guy that doesn’t need a fancy hotel with room service, he’s happy with sleeping in a room with 7 other people in it with their backpacks thrown against the wall and their shoes scattered on the floor. If you got the chance to go out with him, don’t expect him to take you to a movie or bore you with talk of the things he wishes he’s done, don’t expect him to take you somewhere expensive and hard to get a reservation, no… he’s the guy that will take you to this hidden joint in town that has the best burgers for 5 dollars.

He’s that kind of guy who will spring a cheap train ticket to a new city on you. So be ready for that. He doesn’t wear tommy gun clothes or expensive Calvin Klein shirts. No, he’s the guy with the worn out tom shoes, beige shorts and that red shirt you like so much he got when he was in Bolivia. He’s the kind of guy that gives you that sweater he got in Chilli when you were feeling chilly.

He’s the guy that works his ass off every summer and fall so he can explore his new trip in the winter and spring. Chances are most days he gets so stressed out about work he figures, “Hey I have enough money, I’m leaving tomorrow.” Though, he’s the kind of guy that would never do that to his boss and friends. He’s the kind of guy who spends his last day with his family playing board games, and watching and debating his fantasy football team with his dad.

He is a freelance artist and has the most beautiful pictures of all the places he’s been to. He is the kind of guy who is shy to submit his work to a company, but he knows after one beautiful picture, comes another one, and it’s better then the last one… So he’s the kind of guy that waits for the best. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t have a college degree, but if he did he’d be doing something entirely different with it.

He’s the kind of guy who wants to take you with him on his next trip because travelling the world is getting old when he is alone. Sights would be more beautiful, food would be tastier, plane rides would be quicker, life would be better.

He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t wear a watch. His days are ruled by the rising and setting of the sun. He’s the kind of guy that blocks everything out and the world is oblivious to him when he is looking at something so beautiful. He’s the kind of guy that tries to FaceTime you any chance he gets when he has wifi. You must not worry when he doesn’t text you back, he isn’t cheating on you, he’s not that kind of guy, he is in a place where there is no reception so don’t worry. If he had wifi he’d be talking to you while skydiving.


You are probably in love with that kind of guy, if you are… Don’t let him go. You are a very rare find to him because likely you are (that kind of girl).

22 Things to do Instead of Buying a House at 22


I find that so many of my friends who are 20-23 are buying houses already with their boy/girlfriends. As Julia Roberts would say in Pretty Woman… “Big mistake. Big. Huge.” How true is that? What is the rush with growing up so soon? Many of those friends plan to get married after buying their house. But we as your friends, we get it. You want to be a big girl and own your very own house in the suburbs. Sounds so fairytale like. You must be living the dream watching your soon to be husband mow the lawn as you bring out lemonade to him. It sounds great. It really does. But it is still going to be great maybe in another 4 years from now when you have a salary, and a big girl job that you got from the degree you worked so hard at in college. But you can’t wait. Here is a list of 22 things you should do instead of buying a house at 22.

1. Get a passport.

2. Fill that passport up with stamps and visas.

3. Fill up a bucket of tomatoes and walk in them.

4. Stay in a hostel.

5. Kiss a stranger on New Years.

6. Find your niche.

7. Find something you believe in.

8. Walk around naked in your dwelling when no one is home.

9. Ride an elephant.

10. Go bungee jumping.

11. Cut your hair. It grows back.

12. Visit a tiger temple and hug a full grown tiger.

13. Stop fake smiling. We know theres a real laugh and smile in you.

14. Laugh until you pee your pants.

15. Learn to play an instrument.

16. Work in Australia.

17. Go to the olympics.

18. Teach english in a different country.

19. Wear no makeup for one day… :O

20. Be yourself.

21. Volunteer with children in Peru.

22. Do not buy a house at age 22.


Something About Cats


There are so many dog lovers out there that don’t understand why people like me love cats over dogs. Now don’t get me wrong… I love dogs. I love all animals. But there’s something about cats that wins my heart over dogs. And you, and all those dog lovers need to know what that is. Because cat people know what dog people like in dogs that make them more lovable then cats. And we love when our dogs run up to us after work and greet us ” I missed you! I missed you so much! Don’t ever leave me again!”. And of course you can run with your dogs, and if they are super big you can use them as pillows. But there is something about cats that I love.

1. Cats are polite - Cats prefer to observe new arrivals from afar. For instance, under the bed or atop the refrigerator. Maybe, if the cat is in the mood, she’ll come out to acknowledge this New Person with a tail twitch, a cautious once-over. But that’s it. No effusive greetings, no jumping on laps or humping of legs. Invite a cat to your dinner party. She’ll stay discreetly out of the way, while a dog lusts for — and sometimes runs away with — the main course.

2. Cats bring you presents - Hunters at heart, cats are miniature versions of their wild forebears, the lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars of the world. But cats can’t down a wildebeest in your backyard, so they settle for smaller prey — and share it with you. (It was my birthday and I was on my way out when I opened the door and my Russian Blue cat Smokey drops a mouse in front of my feet. I appreciate the gesture. I really do.)


3. They are silent - No sound in the world rivals a cat’s purr. Its thrumming rhythm alerts helpless kittens, assuring them that mama cat is nearby (along with the milk supply!). That comforting buzz tells humans that their feline friend is oh-so-content with life. Stroke a purring cat’s side, caress its chin and feel the gentle rumble for instant stress relief.

4. They are great cuddlers – You missing your significant other? Are they far away from you and you need somebody? Cats will fill that void for you. Only if you let them come to you. I know if I lay down on my bed, Smokey will walk towards me like a super model and give me these dear loving eyes and lay next to me.


5. They clean themselves – Yeah they do. No more bath time. Your cat is it’s own hygentic system.

6. Cats love you unconditionally – No more tail between the legs or head down and walk of shame away from you. If you had to use the squirt bottle to get your cat off the christmas tree, they eventually understand that you only want whats best for them and they will swerve between your legs as a forgiveness. How sweet.

7. Natural Habitat still accessible – Dogs have to go to the dog park and go on walks with you. They have to be found and can’t find their way home. Cats don’t need walks. They walk themselves. They know you ain’t got time for that. Smokey is an outdoor cat…Shh don’t tell anyone. But I love watching him run tree to tree. He loves it. And he doesn’t need me to drive him somewhere for him to do it. His natural habitat is in your back yard.

8. Cats are smarter – They are… they really are. They can be taught to use the toilet.


*Note to all dog lovers reading this*

I am not hating on dogs. I think they are adorable. But I love cats and their presence.


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